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D.C. Ranch Oct 22nd


This will be a desert location off to the side of D.C. ranch, with some sidewalks and stone walls too, but no grass.

15 minute session, 10-15 Digital Images

Families to include parents and children (not extended family, there will not be enough time to shoot larger extended families on these sessions).

Please keep in mind that with mini sessions, if your child does not want to cooperate or is crying, we will do our best to make them happy, but we cannot take extra time from other sessions. Please try to make sure younger children come well-rested and well-fed. You know your children best! If you don't think they will warm up quickly in a 15 minute shoot, this might not be the session type for your family.

No refunds. Really. There will be NO refunds if you can't make the date. I hate being the bad guy, but I have to be strict on this one. Once you hit purchase, you're in. :)
**Obviously if weather prevents us from shooting, we will have to reschedule. I'll text you if this happens and give you a new date, and if THAT date doesn't work for your schedule, then you can have the option of a refund since it was out of your control.

Arrive early for your session. I can't take extra time from the next session if you are late. This means arriving with everyone dressed, kids have shoes on, hair fixed, no last minute wardrobe changes, etc.... LOL! I know this sounds silly, but so many clients arrive to photoshoots planning to fix hair and do all these things, and don't realize that those items take 10-15 minutes at least!

I can't wait to see all of you!! Thank you so much!!!